A Bit About Me

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Hi, I'm Sarah D.--or "Sadee," since I always wanted to have a nickname! I grew up among books, crafts and antiques in Oklahoma's "Green Country" in the humid Midwest. I was shy and reflective, focused and practical--a faithful first-born who always knew she was an artist deep-down. It took the sunny skies and mountain air of Colorado--the "adopted home of my heart”--and then an abrupt uprooting and adventurous relocation to Hamburg, Germany (and the eventual journey home again) for this passionate writer-artist to finally spread her creative wings.

I love to play with delicate watercolors, to make intricate, precise cut-paper collage and to draw lots of tiny lines. But the heart of my work is almost always a conversation between ideals of  ”perfection” and the real, wild, beautiful “mess” of life. My brand Shine, Sweetheart captures on paper life’s moments of joy and delight. I call it “illustrating Grace”–drawing and painting the essence of stunning peace that still surprises me everyday. It is my hope that other busy moms, teachers and striving creatives will experience my artwork as a refreshing pause in the midst of hectic daily life and join me in that moment of awareness of how absolutely gorgeous this messy life truly can be--and lean into the Grace that is always ready to come down and live with us right in the midst of our messes.

I live and work in a sunny Colorado home-studio that also doubles as family-room and kitchen–where most of the surfaces must first be cleared of coloring books, glitter and stickers before we can eat or I can work. I am inspired daily by my friends near and far (and in Cyberspace!) and by my German husband and our three lively little girls.

Tobi and Sarah

My educational background includes the study of Literature, Education (plus a little Art). I completed my graduate studies in English, earning a Masters of Teaching Arts degree. My previous work history spans public relations, copywriting and editing, tutoring and reading to ESL children as well as teaching high school English.

Although I decided against a "traditional" career in education, I still cherish the heart of a teacher. Using my blog to feature other soulful artists in addition to telling the story of my own work, I hope to encourage others and uplift them with colorful creations and heartfelt words. I plan to extend these connections in the near-ish future by creating online tutorials, teaching workshops and e-courses, and perhaps someday writing a book.

I'd love to hear from you! You are welcome to email me at: SadeeSchilling [at] gmail [dot] com

PHOTO CREDIT: Esther Cummings